Ralston is a Swedish fashion label that offers timeless and personal collections that are generously cut and come in an array of fabrics and colours. You will find a grand selection of distinctive and fearless garments that are easy to mix and match, wear and care, to create the perfect outfit.
Working in fashion for over thirty years Linda Ralston Ooms has an eye for high quality fabrics which she sources mainly in Europe. Linen and viscose are frequently recurrent materials that are sewn into comfortable garments in Estonia. The collections are currently sold exclusively in retail stores around Europe and USA.

Linda got her education in textile and design in London at the age of 17. In the 90’s she formed Ralston Design together with an associate in Trelleborg, Sweden. In 2010 Linda decided to scale down and restart her company under the name Ralston and move it to her home on the countryside at the utmost tip of southern Sweden. In the picturesque setting of thatched roofs and endless fields she now works together with Malin who handles the warehouse and administration.